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At the end of the 50s, in the heart of the French Alps, it is in the charming town of Annecy, reputed for its beauty and its lake that Georges Ducruet works as a tailor.

When he is not making perfect suits in his workshop, Georges likes to ski. Then he has an idea: to create a warm, functional and well cut jacket dedicated to the practice of winter sports. In 1962 he creates his own brand of clothing: Eider.

The Eider is a duck from the northern coast of Europe that has the characteristic to snatch its most beautiful feathers to cover its nest of down in order to keep its eggs warm. In the old days it was used as padding for duvets and clothes. Today, the Eider is a protected animal. In 1964, the “Eider public limited company” sees the day and the first manufacturing workshop settles in Annecy, at clos du Chateau. Six years after the creation of the brand, 21 people work in the manufacture of these revolutionary clothes. The prototypes of the brand are still designed in Annecy. Eider also represents 293 524 articles of clothing per year, distributed on four continents in 26 countries.

In the winter we protect alpinists, free-riders and citizens. In the summer, we dress hikers, mountain people and everybody else.

We select the best materials and we are always looking for new ideas to protect you from the most hostile climates. And, of course, we place particular emphasis on the cut and the fit of our clothes. And, as you do, we like nature and we do everything we can to protect it

But what really counts for us is that you look elegant and that you feel good in nature.

Find out more http://www.eider.com/en/

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