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Spring PR Springboard - Something  to consider for fledgling brands

“At 21 I hit London.  Great job but I was broke.  Things got tricky but then my boss stepped in.  He wrote a cheque and cleared my overdraft.  “Start again” he said.  “But start again wisely”.  I did and I’ve never forgotten his kindness.  Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.” Stephanie Briggs, Managing Director, Spring PR


If you’ve managed to fashion your passion into a fantastic new product but are at a loss as to how to market it, our Springboard package could be for you. Here at Spring we know it’s expensive getting a new brand to market.  You’ve designed it, manufactured it and now you’ve got to get it out there.  You haven’t even started making any money yet!  We know that embarking on a PR and marketing campaign can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.  It can be pricey too.  All of these things – and a little bit of personal experience – have led us to create Springboard: a cost-effective, short-term, all-in-one package for brands just like you.

So what’s it all about?
•    For six months, for a special, fixed, monthly fee, we will work with you to get your message out there whether that’s via press releases, through advertising or social media or a mix of everything.  We’ve worked with some big brands in the active outdoor market for a long time and we have plenty of experience to share.
•    Together – that’s you and us - we’ll sit around a table and fill out a gloriously detailed Gantt Chart so that we can help you reach your goals.  We’ll check through this with you on a monthly basis – we know only too well that things can change.
•    We’ll include you in our very popular Open House event in London – all part of the package – where you’ll have the chance to put your products under the noses of journalists who work for nationals, lifestyle and other media based in the big smoke.
•    We’ll give you a monthly report at the end of each, well, month detailing our activities: to make our work, work harder for you we can even put together a presentation detailing the highlights so you can distribute to your sales teams out in the field.
•    And when the six months are up we’ll discount the next six months because, well, sometimes all you need is a helping hand.

A Springboard case study:


Kora make base layers out of Yak’s wool.  It’s harmless and driven by a holistic desire to help nomadic communities whilst bringing to us the glorious, sumptuous softness and pretty technical attributes of the often misunderstood Yak.  

In our six month stint we managed:  
•    Total Circulation:  3,371,781
•    Advertising Equivalent: £18,776

The specialist world was excited by the prospect of Yak’s wool too:

“Hima-Layer outperforms Merino, says founder of firm importing yak wool from remote Chinese province.”  Bikebiz.com
“Kora brings Hima-Layer yak wool to market.  The next big thing in natural fibres?”  Singletrackworld.com
“Kora launch Yak wool base layer:.  Sounds like the next best thing since, well merino wool actually.  We can’t wait to try it out.”  Road.cc

And thankfully – and all importantly – the head honcho at Kora was happy:

“Working with Spring was KORA’s first foray into the world of marketing and PR.  Spring worked with us, putting a plan together and then got down to the business of seeing it through.  They identified gear tests – which we came out rather well in – sent press releases and generally worked hard to get the Kora name out there.  Their Open House was a great opportunity to network with Spring’s other clients as well as showcasing our brand and its values to plenty of writers  from national media.  We have been really pleased with the results and would recommend Springboard for anyone wanting a friendly and effective marketing programme to introduce them to the outdoors.”

Interested?  Please contact: Stephanie@springpr.com

Criteria:  brand has not received PR support before; brand operates in active sports market; available to only one brand per six month period.