We have great relationships with journalists from many publications, and this helps us to spread the word far and wide for our clients. To give you an idea of how we work with our contacts we've put together a few testimonials from our lovely journalist friends.


"Efficient and professional in a charming way. Colourful, bubbly character who knows what she is talking about and is a pleasure to talk to. Stephanie and her team always deliver on time."

Gill Wootton

More kind words...

“I don’t receive a barrage of dull press releases, and instead Stephanie is determined to be creative for her clients and puts solid ideas to me specific for OE Retailer that meet with our ethos. Between us we end up with a comprehensive piece that meets Spring PR’s clients needs as well as the magazines and helps to educate the industry about current issues affecting all. I’m happy to work closely with Stephanie because her background means that she understand how magazines work, and she delivers.”
Rebecca Corbally, editor, OE Retailer and Outdoor Enthusiast

“All PRs are good at talking but precious few are as good at listening. Stephanie and Mel at Spring PR excel at both, providing me with the information and kit I need rather than just hyping their client’s latest products. They’re reliable, enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with. Above all, they actually know – and care – what they’re talking about.”
Mark Harris – writer for The Independent


“As a journalist in the outdoor sector, I place a high value on PR companies who are reliable, credible and efficient. Spring PR is an excellent example of how the industry should be run: they know their clients’ products, express the selling points fluently and are completely reliable with delivery. If Spring PR promises that a product will be on my desk, I know it will be. As a result, I call them first for product testing and placement. Simple.”
Judy Armstrong, outdoor writer.

“Some PR’s simply bend your ear while the good ones, like Stephanie and the Spring PR team, concentrate on the story. They have their fingers on the good gear pulse, really understand their products, and know how to marry style with technology. And in a world of unkept promises they get the stuff to me when they say they will.”
Jonathan Futrell, Good Gear Guide,Sunday Times

“It’s a pleasure to deal with the enthusiastic and professional team at Spring PR. They deliver the goods consistently – with flair and good humour.”
John Traynor, editor, Outdoor Review

“I tend to get sent all the important information I need, before I even know I need it – now that is efficient PR.”
Alun Davies, editor, Adventure Travel

“I’ve worked with Spring PR for many years and have always found the company responsive, informative, helpful and efficient.”
Chris Townsend, gear tester, TGO magazine

"At Nikwax we value two things about Spring PR. Firstly they are really enthusiastic and have a well developed understanding of the outdoor industry. This has earned them an excellent reputation with the outdoor media that can open many doors. Secondly, they're thoroughly nice people to work with and seem to stay calm no matter what we throw at them!"
Dan Christmas, Nikwax

"The dream PR is charming, patient, adaptable and helpful - and never hassles you.  Could such a PR really exist?  Well actually, yes.  Spring PR is all of those things and more.  I've dealt with the Spring PR founder Stephanie Briggs for three years and could not have wished for a happier or more productive relationship."
Simon O'Hagan, The Independent

"Spring PR have the ability to react quickly and accurately - supplying the correct product and information with the minimum of fuss.  Under pressure the team just get it done, and I know I can rely on them to go the extra mile.  You'd think this would be standard practice wouldn't you?"
Phil Turner, Outdoor Enthusiast