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Reima is the globally leading brand in functional kids’ wear whose mission is to encourage children to discover the joy of movement, and to provide a good quality, year-round, tip-to-toe wardrobe for these active children

Based in Finland where they know a little bit about cold and weather systems, Reima was founded in 1944, and they’re dedicated to creating functional kids’ wear for active children aged 0 to 12.

They stand behind the principles of functionality, safety, sustainability and innovation and, by focusing on kids’ needs, they’re able to provide relevant solutions to parents looking for the products that last.

Their clothing, originally made from old army snowsuits, is still made ethically whether its swimwear made from recycled PET beverage bottles, jackets made from mono-material (meaning they can be 100% recycled after use) or baby clothes that are so safe you could eat them!


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