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Social Media

According to Sprout Social, marketers are spending more on social media advertising than ever before with ad spend amounting to more than £68 billion in 2019.


Monthly active users


Following a brand


Monthly active users


Following a business


Active users worldwide


Use the platform daily

Now do those stats excite you or scare you?

The social media landscape is constantly evolving and developing. So much so that it can be  overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. That’s why we stay ahead of the curve, getting to know influencers, bloggers, social media trends and new techniques for content creation. Social media adds authenticity and personality to a brand and a connection to your customer similar only to that you can get in a brick and mortar store.

By using the tools at our disposal, we can dive deep into your social analytics, really understanding your audience – who they are, when they’re on social media and what they’re looking for.  


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