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Spring PR is an active, lifestyle marketing agency full of the energy, enthusiasm and excitement which our clients inspire in their customers. We’ve been in the industry for 20 years now and work with some of Europe’s biggest active lifestyle brands.

We’re a small team of seven with a big passion for our clients and the work they do.
We’re committed, highly driven and loyal to our brands.

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Latest stories from Spring PR

Plastic-free July: what’s everyone doing about it?

As it's #PlasticFreeJuly this month we've been catching up with our clients to find out what they've done to lead a more plastic-free...

Getting your child used to doing good

We are HUGE fans of Matthew and Natalie Jackson of National Geographic Traveller.  Not only because Matthew gave Stephanie and Naomi...

Our favourite plastic swaps

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a boom in the use of single-use plastic.  Take-away coffee in plastic-lined cardboard cups replaced our...

Have you been to a trade show lately? We have and it was great. Here’s why …

Have you been to a trade show lately?  Ahhh, don't bother to answer, we know it's a no.  The Spring team hasn’t been to a trade...

Our tips on how to effectively work a room

Soon we'll be back out in the open, chit-chatting and making up for lost time. In readiness for all of those lovely people we're going to...

Let’s party! Now we can gather outside here are our recommendations.

We'll never say no to a garden party. And, yes, we know there's been a lot of snowfall across the UK this spring. Lockdown restrictions...

Everyone’s talking about Seaspiracy – what do you think?

Have you seen Netflix’s new original documentary Seaspiracy? Seaspiracy discusses the impact of global fishing. We know it's not like our...

Meet the man who’s running 2193 miles in 41 days

Ever run a marathon?  One Springer has, another has run a half.  Both agree it was hardwork, exhausting and painful. ...

A tent porch could be the solution to your space problem

Bigger, higher quality tents are trending We’re coming up to camping season. Did you know that most tent sales occur March to September?...

What does water mean to you?

Today, 22nd March 2021, we are celebrating World Water Day. World Water Day encourages conversation on the topic of valuing water. What...

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