A tent porch could be the solution to your space problem

Bigger, higher quality tents are trending

We’re coming up to camping season. Did you know that most tent sales occur March to September? According to outdoor retailer, Trekitt, 75% of them.  And whilst Trekitt experienced a rise in tent sales in 2020 – 21% increase in value as opposed to 8% rise in the number of units sold. Figures indicate that the trend is for buying better, bigger, higher quality and consequently more expensive tents.

NEW – NEMO’s Dagger Ridge Porch tent

A new brand to the Trekitt portfolio this year is US brand NEMO Equipment.  Renowned for innovation and high quality, its Dagger Ridge Porch is tipped to hit the spot in 2021.  NEMO’s Dagger Ridge Porch tent features an ample vestibule (3.9 sq m). This meana that whatever the pesky British summer throws at you, you can sit in your luxury chairs (it fits two) and enjoy banter by the fire and in complete shelter.  It’s even big enough to store bikes in.

A porch is a great lightweight way to add space

The sweeping alcove at the front of the tent is open enough to offer expansive, awe-inspiring views whilst sheltering you from the sun and rain.  When it’s time to turn in, a cosy abode awaits just behind the seating area (which also has its own back door).  This tent is packable enough for canoe or carry-in camping yet comfortable enough to be a second home. 

Trekitt has been selling tents since 1986.  Mark Trepte is the Commercial Director and one half of the brother-duo that runs Trekitt. He says “We’re seeing a big trend in people looking for a covered cooking area or gear storage space.  It’s often cited as a reason for going bigger.  Extended porch models are gaining in popularity. It’s because they offer this extra space but at a lower weight penalty compared to buying a bigger tent.”

NEMO’s Dagger Ridge Porch tent offers little extras to help you personalise your space too. There are loops for string lights, a lantern loop and two hanging pockets.

Download the full press release and images here.


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