Aquapac’s NEW Topo range: cases for all seasons
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Aquapac’s MPC10 keeps personal belongings dry. Called “The Ben”, in memory of Ben Parker, one of the Aquapac’s founding members. SRP: £15.99

Aquapac, creator of world-class waterproof cases since 1983, are proud to announce the launch of the Topo Collection. This new range of multi-purpose cases comes in nine different sizes and each case has been designed to carry whatever you practically need wherever you are outdoors. 

What’s special about the Topo Collection?

Your gear will be kept safe from the elements and the cases are practical to carry around almost anywhere. Your valuables are easily accessible by virtue of the Aquaclip sealing system, designed to open and close thousands of times. These cases are designed to be 100% waterproof to 10 metres (and the smallest to 50 metres!) for up to 30 minutes. Made from biodegradable TPU material that’s also UV-resistant and can handle temperatures from -20° Celsius to 50° Celsius. 

What can I use the case for?

The smallest case, the Ben is ideal for keeping personal essentials such as keys, cash and cards while the largest, Everest, will fit clothes, maps, food, drink and more. All [except the Ben] have internal pockets which are either card or passport sized.  

Depending on the size, there are a variety of ways to carry your Aquapac case. You can use the adjustable lanyard which is supplied and wear it around your nec. You can also use the waist belt, the shoulder strap, the detachable carry handle and there are even eyelets that you can use to tie down the case with elasticated cord if you’re on a kayak or RIB.  

What does Topo mean?

Why Topo? The name ‘Topo’, short for topographical, has been selected due to the classic black and red stripe contour-style design on the cases keeping your belongings discreetly hidden from the outside. Following this, Aquapac have decided to name each product in the range after a mountain in size order – ‘Ben’, short for Ben Nevis, is the smallest case with ‘Everest’, the largest.

Aquapac Topo cases provide a solution whether you are hiking, skiing, surfing, travelling around the world or moving around in town. Aquapac cases are used by mountain guides, the RNLI, Coast Guards, Search and Rescue Teams and on expeditions worldwide. They are trusted by professionals and designed for the outdoors.  

What does the range look like?

MPC10 – The Ben: Ben Nevis is the smallest case in Aquapac’s range, despite Ben Nevis being the tallest mountain in the UK at 1,345 metres. This case was also named in memory of Ben Parker, one of Aquapac’s founders. Size: 85 x 165 mm. RRP: £15.99.

MPC40 also known as “The Debbie”, in honour of Aquapac’s Production Manager of 25 years will also keep valuables free of sand, dust and water. SRP: £24.99

MPC20 – El Capitan: This case is named after El Capitan, the classic monolith from Yosemite – a hiker’s must-see – at 2,307 metres. The El Capitan case has enough room for the small essentials and is also available with a transparent back so that you can use your mobile phone through the case. Size: 115 x 190 mm. RRP: £17.99/£19.99 (transparent back).

MPC30 – Olympus:  Olympus is a 2,918 metre mythological mountain in Greece. The Olympus case can accommodate a phone and a camera as well as your passport. Size: 130 x 230 mm. RRP: £19.99.

MPC40 – The Debbie: Mount Deborah towers at 3,761 metres and is a challenging Alaskan peak to climb. This case is also in honour of Debbie, Aquapac’s Production Manager of 25 years.   Size: 150 x 200 mm. RRP: £24.99

MPC50 – Fuji: At 3,776 metres, Mt Fuji is an iconic and sacred moutnain in Japan and this year, Aquapac is celebrating 25 years of selling in Japan. The Fuji case is big enough to carry most things and it can hang around your neck.   Size: 150 x 295 mm. RRP: £21.99.

MPC60 – Matterhorn: Famed for its symmetry and beauty, the Matterhorn is 4,478 metres in height. This Matterhorn case fits a 10-inch tablet too. Size: 200 x 290 mm. RRP: £29.99.

MPC70 – Mont Blanc: Mont Blanc is the biggest mountain in Europe at 4,808 metres. The Matterhorn case is pretty bit too. In fact, it’s a perfect travel case. Size: 250 x 380 mm. RRP: £34.99.

MPC80 – Kilimanjaro: At 5,885 metres, the tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro is a stand-out peak and case.  Size: 350 x 295 mm. RRP: £35.99.

MPC90 – Everest: A colossal 8,848 metres, Mt Everest is the highest mountain so seemed the best name for the largest case. This is truly versatile too: wear it on your back, over your shoulder or carry with the handle. You can also tie it down.  Size: 350 x 430 mm. RRP: £44.99.

To find out what other new things, from other clients that we’re working on, click here.

To download high res images of the Topo range and the full press release click here.


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