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Case Study: Influencer Marketing with Elliot Brown Watches
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

06 February, 2023

“It proved such a success. To the point that if anyone asks how come we have so many cool ambassadors, we just blame it all on Spring PR! 10 out of 10.”

Ian Elliot, co-founder

The Why?

Influencer marketing is celebrity endorsement for the 21st century, capitalising on the relationship between influencer and audience. Its success relies on the expertise, trust, and authority an influencer holds over their already engaged audience. Get the right ambassador on board, and you will target a niche, captivated audience in a truly personable way.

The Who?

Elliot Brown creates the world’s most durable watches worn by adventurers, military personnel, and the services. As an industry-leading watch designer, Elliot Brown built a loyal following who covet its brand story, association with extreme sports and the sheer stamina of each watch build. Now Elliot Brown was keen to grow its influencer network, here’s how Spring PR responded to the brief and got results.

The What?

Build a community of inspiring adventurers and outdoor personalities through a targeted influencer marketing campaign that would showcase Elliot Brown’s brand values in the most authentic medium. Driving brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, and growing Elliot Brown as a trusted and reputable brand in the outdoors market.

The How?

  • Thorough market research to gauge the quality and authenticity of potential influencers and their followings.
  • Interviews with influencers to create captivating in-depth web content for Elliot Brown.
  • Promotion of the hashtag #wornbyadventurers through all media outreach.
  • Bespoke PR campaigns for influencers pushing individual achievements out to TV, social and digital media.
  • Creation of a networking opportunity for influencers to meet at Spring PR’s annual Camp Out event, facilitating community and forging strong bonds through a series of outdoor challenges.

SpringPR was instrumental in creating the ‘Ambassador Hub’ where influencers had the opportunity to network, and share experiences and knowledge. These like-minded individuals provide vital support for each other ahead of adventures and during epic endurance events. Currently, the Ambassador Hub comprises 41 people from world record-breaking rowers, Paralympians, SUP champions, ultra-runners, and climbers. They all have adventure in common and an appreciation for reliable, durable kit and most crucially, timekeeping. It’s become the Elliot Brown Family.

Ian Elliot, co-founder at Elliot Brown Watches at Spring PR’s LDN Pop Up event, Hoxton Arches, Shoreditch, London.

“Through securing PR coverage across national, local and specialist outdoor publications, we helped to raise the profiles of specific ambassadors and, by association, promoted the watch brand to a core audience in a competitive market. Together with the team at Elliot Brown we have built up a family of like-minded people who share a passion for the outdoors and adventure and a love for a brand that creates the toughest timepieces.” 

Jo Lowe, Account Director, Spring PR
From left to right: Jo Lowe – Spring PR; Gemma Parker – head of marketing, Elliot Brown Watches; Ian Elliot – co-founder Elliot Brown Watches.

“Whilst we were re-building our e-commerce website and feeling under intense pressure to dot every i and cross every t, knowing Spring PR were diligently approaching suitable brand ambassadors and influencers was a huge comfort. It felt like our team had suddenly grown and when the site was ready to go live, so were the ambassador interviews and beautiful content.

“Coming up with great ideas, contacting potential ambassadors, interviewing for our blog, enthusing them about all things ‘Elliot Brown’, checking in with us regularly is part of the service we hadn’t really tested before and proved such a success. To the point that if anyone asks how come we have so many cool ambassadors, we just blame it all on Spring PR! 10 out of 10.”

Ian Elliot, co-founder, Elliot Brown Watches


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