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Enthusiasm: Spring PR’s Jo Has Loads of It Despite Holding Down Two Jobs …
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

21 April, 2020

Spring’s Jo has embraced working from home.  Like, really embraced it.  In fact we could say she’s enthusiasm personified.  What’s she taking to give her so much joie de vivre?  We asked her because we want some too!

So, Jo, are we the only ones to notice that you’re a pretty enthusiastic individual?

“I’m not enthusiastic all of the time, I mean when it comes to running on my own I have to be bulldozed out of the house.  But, yes, you’re not the only ones, people have said that before, hmmmm, throughout my life to be honest.  I’m persistent too.”

Are you?  Cough.  We hadn’t noticed!

“I don’t let things go easily.  I keep going until I get the result I’m after.  OK, that makes me sound like a pitbull, I mean I do relent if it looks like I’m on a hiding to nothing but I’ll give it my best shot.”

Where does this enthusiasm come from?  I mean, what are you eating because we want some of it too?

“I’m a really healthy eater – when I’m not on lockdown that is.  I love my routine, banana at 10 am, poached egg on toast at lunch and healthy dinner with vegetables in the evening.  I may treat myself to Haggen-Daz Salted Caramel ice cream for dessert too.”

We just heard ice cream then.  So, it’s all in the Salted Caramel one, right?  It’s on the shopping list.

And what do you do when a journalist comes back to you and says, you’ve got to be joking, I’m not writing about that. Are you still enthusiastic?!

“Move onto the next person.  It rarely happens to be honest as a major part of our job is pitching the right story to the right person. We’ve great relationships with our media and often work up stories and angles together.”

So your enthusiasm doesn’t wane then.  Are you as enthusiastic when you knock off at 2.30 pm and turn into Jo the teacher?  [Jo has 15-year-old Maisie at home.]

“I try. I try really hard.  This is a massive challenge at the moment, for lots of working parents: holding down a job and teaching children at the same time.  Actually, it’s more than a challenge, it’s a nightmare!  And on subjects that you haven’t done for decades, if at all.  Add to that my frustration because I don’t know the answers and you have one frazzled mum.”

This morning Naomi told the Spring team that shrimps have their hearts in their heads and that giraffes don’t have vocal cords.  What fascinating fact have you learned since you embarked on your teaching career?

“Gradients, intercepts, urbanisation are all topics we’ve been working on and, I’m afraid to say, not one of them has revealed a fact as interesting as Naomi’s!  But I’ve learned a new skill: patience.  I’ve had to learn a lot of patience.  When my instinct is to scream “WHY DON’T YOU KNOW THE ANSWER?  IT’S STARING YOU IN THE FACE!”  I take a deep breath – secretly, without making a noise – and then calmly say “let’s go through this one more time.”

We’re guessing that you won’t be trading in PR for a job at the local school any time soon then?

“Absolutely not!”

So how do you relax after a particularly gruelling algebra session at the moment?

“I go for a walk and practice yoga.  Those two are my go-to forms of relaxation.  I do yoga every other night.  Gentle positions, concentrating on flowing movements and restorative meditation.”

Hmmm, sounds nice, better than gradients, for sure!  What are you most looking forward to when all this craziness comes to an end?

“I can’t wait to see my family, friends and my partner Andy.  I want to hug them and not let them go.  I’ve really missed everybody.  That contact.  I really love running with my friends as well as I find it so uplifting, and was talking with fellow runner Emma last night and she feels exactly the same.  We miss the laughing – we laugh so much!  We’ve both been trying to get into running but without our little group it’s so difficult.  Lockdown has shown to me that I’m a real social creature.”

We’re surprised you didn’t say hanging out with us in the office to be honest. Clearly we need to hug you more.  That’s on our list along with the ice cream!

“Awwww you guys come under the friend umbrella.  I’ve missed the office atmosphere lots.  We do have a giggle and of course I enjoy entertaining everyone with my little Jo’isms – well known phrases with my own twist!”

Yeah, we’re missing the Jo’isms too! Although we think we caught one in the Monday Morning Meeting earlier this week!


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