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Fire & Feast: an unrivaled ambassador bonding event
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

10 October, 2022

Elliot Brown Watches – a culture

If there was an award for investing love, passion, and caring into an ambassador relationship then surely Elliot Brown Watches would win.  At the heart of the brand are dedicated, hard-working, individuals who love to have fun.  It’s a strong culture and one that filters, unfettered, to its ambassadors, suppliers, and customers.  Manifesting this culture are collaborative, outdoor events aimed at getting advocates together for a shared purpose.  Events such as the recent Fire & Feast.


Elliot Brown ambassadors boast a roster of enviable achievements from rowing the Atlantic to providing essential mental health support and coping skills for ex-service folk.  These guys are an inspiring bunch and dedicated to the brand.  It’s true reciprocity.  It was a privilege then that I, Stephanie, found myself at one of Elliot Brown’s get-togethers.  A gathering for good.

Elliot Brown ambassadors Ed Jackson, former rugby player and Guy Ilot

The event

The event branded ‘Fire & Feast’ was co-hosted together with Dark Swan, a community for challenge-based learning.  Based at Dark Swan’s HQ in Wiltshire – a collection of woods and open green spaces – Elliot Brown ambassadors, staff, volunteers, friends and I rocked up.  We were camping-ready and geared up for the challenge that lay ahead.  The format of Fire & Feast was simple: we were to build a learning facility out of pallets.  Our downtime was spent around the campfire, entertained by some colourful individuals.  We devoured some of the best outdoor cooking we’ve experienced thanks to Dozzer.  Dozzer worked next door to Elliot Brown in Poole for years and here he was, working tirelessly to deliver delicious food to the team.  Well-earned rest was under canvas beneath the stars.

Under construction – the beginnings of the outdoor classroom


It’s events like these that really bring people together.  We know it works, we’re great protagonists of gatherings, frequently bringing our clients and media together at the many events over which we preside.  We love that family feel, clients meeting clients, journalists, and influencers sharing their stories with a receptive audience around a campfire.  And it really can’t be beaten. 

The creative team!

An achievement

What we achieved was quite incredible.  An outdoor classroom.  My role was whipping nails out from strips of wood extracted from pallets.  Others were charged with dismantling pallets and then there were the construction workers.  Together we worked in unison to achieve our goal of producing workable materials, building with those materials, and finally creating a brand for our finished masterpiece. 

So, in a day, we built a learning centre.  It was beautiful.  Externally clad in a herring-bone arrangement of pallet planks it had a roof and its own bear branding from paws at the entrance to the Ursa Major (Great Bear) constellation over the doorway.  It’s amazing what can be achieved in a day when like-minds have a passion and a goal.

Camping, bonding, laughter, and purpose.  That was what Fire & Feast was all about and we absolutely loved it.  Thank you, Dark Swan, and Elliot Brown Watches.  We think you’re awesome.

The bear paw at the entrance to the outdoor classroom made from pallets and disgarded metal.


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