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Retailer Training & Support

We can put an abundance of effort into our consumer marketing campaigns, but if that message isn’t communicated to retail staff it can fall flat on its face at the last hurdle. The most important hurdle for those who like to shop in person. Retail staff offer an instant connection to your consumers and the power of a well-trained member of staff is incredibly influential. It’s an opportunity that is often forgotten about, leaving store staff feeling left out and underwhelmed by the brands they would love to be raving about.

Most recently we have been working with the online training portal, Myagi, to produce easy-to-access, quick-to-understand training videos for staff members to watch in their own time, giving them the information and inspiration to sell our brands to their customers. We have also produced videos for internal training and for use in internal communications.

Case Study: Retailer Training Package for Polartec

Polartec wanted store staff engagement on fabric technology so that they could better explain the benefits to the customer.

Partnering with Rab, we worked with online training platform Myagi and UK retailer Cotswold Outdoor to run a focused learning module using film and incentives. Together with Rab we selected three products using different Polartec fabrics. We wrote the scripts for the films which were shot at Rab Head Office and together with Myagi and Cotswold Outdoor assigned a promotion week. Marketing assets were distributed to Cotswold stores around the country – posters, emails – and stock was allocated for the incentive. The campaign was a huge success with interaction on the Polartec platform, at its peak, rising a whopping 226%.



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