Apparently we’re going to break our NY resolutions on the 17th of Jan …
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

14 January, 2021

You know all those New Year’s Resolutions that we made on the 1st January?  Well, apparently, we will break them on the 17th January.  Sunday will be the day that we start to eat junk again, drink beer and stop walking/running/cycling.  Supposedly. 

Well, we have high hopes for 2021 and we’re not going to be taken in by all that claptrap.  Nope, we’re going to continue our new, healthy regimes.  This is what team Spring is doing:

Jo Lowe

Jo loves her yoga so her resolution is to practice more yoga.  She’s making the most of free, live yoga sessions on Instagram courtesy of our lovely client Yogamatters.  Check out the latest classes on their Instagram page @yogamattershq.  Stay bendy Jo!  Don’t give up!

Naomi Prictor

Naomi signed up to do the London Marathon this year – you go, girl!  So to ease herself in gently she’s kicking off January with a 5km daily jog.  To keep her inspired is the family’s new dog Harley usually a bag of energy but sadly a little peaky at the moment.  So Naomi is going solo – power through the 17th Naomi, Harley will be by your side in no time!

Abbie Baynes

Abbie got into walking during the lockdown and quite simply hasn’t looked back since.  Her New Year’s resolution is a daily mini-challenge.  This mini challenge takes the form of a five-mile walk – at least – come rain or shine.  Like Naomi, she has a four-legged friend to keep her company who coincidentally is our Barketing Executive (well, probably not so coincidentally actually). 

Stephanie Briggs

Last year Stephanie bonded with her bike.  This is a continuing theme and she is committed to a daily cycle commute into the office when possible.  Yes, we know that sounds a bit flaky but at the moment she’s taking her son to work with her and cycling is out of the question (don’t ask).  To make that commute even better, she was gifted this high-viz, LED flashing jacket by Vizirider following her appearance in the Guardian.  Now there’s no way you can miss her/hit her/lose her!

All of our resolutions are about getting outside and living a healthier lifestyle.  We have consciously decided to be kind to ourselves.  To put our mental health first and add to our worlds rather than depriving ourselves in this challenging January.  (Although one of us has committed to a dry-January and she is wavering.  Could she be a 17th January casualty?  We’ll see!)

Good luck with whatever you’ve decided to do – may resilience be your friend.


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