Aquapac Group Welcomes Carradice To The Family
by <a href="" target="_self">Bella Charlton</a>

by Bella Charlton

21 December, 2021

World-leading British waterproof case and bag manufacturer, Aquapac, acquired Carradice and its sister brand UPSO in November. This forms part of its plans for international expansion as the newly formed Aquapac Group.

Carradice has been making quality classic bags for cycling since 1932 in Lancashire. In addition, it recently started a second brand, UPSO, which uses upcycled tarpaulin from lorries to create a range of urban backpacks and panniers.

What does the future hold for the Aquapac Group?

“We see this as a great opportunity to grow the Carradice and UPSO brands in the UK and abroad,” says Max Malavasi, Chairman of Aquapac Group Limited which also owns Aquapac USA LLC. “There are lots of synergies with the two companies in sales, marketing, R&D, and manufacturing meaning our three brands dovetail really well. Along with Aquapac, these are well-established brands that produce most of their products here in England. We are confident we can promote sales across Europe and the US too. We will sell all three brands through our international distribution hubs. Without a doubt, we’re excited to move forward together and stronger.” 

As the Aquapac Group, we are able to offer our international customers more than ever before. We have something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether on foot, in the water or on two wheels. The formation of the group and acquisition of Carradice really strengthens our brands moving forward.

John Kelly, Aquapac Sales Director

How does Carradice feel about joining the Aquapac family?

David Chadwick has been CEO of Carradice since taking over from his dad in 1994. The business flourished under this enthusiastic management and David will continue in his existing role and additionally as a Director of Aquapac Group Limited. David says: “I couldn’t be happier to join Carradice with Aquapac and form the Aquapac Group. This sees three great British brands come together. We are committed to investing in our people and proud to manufacture in the United Kingdom. Carradice now has new opportunities for international expansion. Furthermore, we will be able to take another step forward while continuing to manufacture the same great products our customers know us for.” 

It’s extremely exciting to see three well-established British brands come together under the Aquapac Group. Together they will be able to offer something for everyone who likes to spend time and enjoy the outdoors without compromising on the quality of products. 

Find out more about Aquapac.

In other news, catch up with Adventure Enthusiast Dave Cornthwaite here.


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