Campsites are reopening!

Squealing with delight! That was what we were doing when we heard the news. So campsites and caravan sites will be open from the 4th of July! Wonderful. And a HUGE relief for our outdoor economy because people will be spending. We’ve already been planning our trips and realise we’re going to have to do a whole load of shopping. Lightweight tent to stick on the bike, new sleeping mats … The list is excitingly, enticingly endless!

To celebrate we’re sharing our S’More recipe with you. We always make these around a camp fire on our Spring PR Camp Outs. Usually our lovely American clients bring over “Graham Crackers” (say “grahm”) but we have found the good old digestive a great substitute. Likewise Hershey chocolate is what our friends across the pond use but Lindt chocolate is great because it’s so thin. We’ve also used Aldi chocolate (thin is the key). Deliciously indulgent!


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