Exercise in Comfort this Summer
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by Jas

15 July, 2019

It’s great to finally see some sunshine here in the UK – but what impact is it having on your sports gear? While we wouldn’t like to admit it, exercising in hot weather leads to a much quicker build-up of sweat and body odour. Here at Spring, we’re not particularly fond of having to wash our clothing after every run as it’s costly and time consuming, but nor do we relish the idea of exercising in smelly gear.

Luckily, Nikwax produces two essential products for summer exercise – BaseWash and BaseFresh. BaseWash is a deodorising cleaner and conditioner that sorts out your smelly base layers, maintaining their freshness and breathability. Next step is to use some BaseFresh, to improve your clothing’s wicking properties and cooling efficiency. Together, both these products from Nikwax will ensure your gear performs optimally, reducing the build-up of odour and accelerating drying.

Revolutionary for avid runners, athletes, and physically active people – Nikwax’s products for base layers are essential for comfortable exercise this summer.


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