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Find the Perfect Mat for Your Journey
by <a href="" target="_self">Abbie Baynes</a>

by Abbie Baynes

24 April, 2019

With over 20 years of serving yogis throughout their yoga journey, Yogamatters knows that one of the most important decisions to help along that journey is choosing the right mat.

Yogamatters prides itself in a knowledgeable team that understands not one yoga mat fits all. A recognition which has developed into a range of mats to satisfy every yogi – from daily practitioners to occasional warriors.

New to yoga? Choose the Sticky Yoga Mat (£17.00)
For those just starting out on their yoga journey, the Sticky Yoga Mat is Yogamatters’ most recommended and popular choice. Its level of cushioning is perfect for beginners, with just enough cushioning to protect joints and a great grip to help slippy hands.

Moving to the next stage? Go for the Everyday Reversible Yoga Mat (£55.00)
The Everyday Reversible Yoga Mat features two surface choices – a smoother, embossed texture for regular practice and a grippy dotted surface on the reverse for a more dynamic yoga practice. Hardwearing and long lasting, its excellent dry grip is easy to clean and offers superior cushioning.

Eco-warrior? Introducing the Eco Everyday Yoga Mat (£55.00
Ideal for the eco-conscious yogis, the Eco Everyday Mat is made from sustainably harvested rubber and recycled material and free from toxic chemicals. Providing plenty of grip and cushioning, this mat is the natural choice for your yoga journey.

Need your yoga fix this summer? Take an Eco Travel Yoga Mat35.00)
Easy to fold and light to carry, Yogamatters Eco Travel Yoga Mat is an essential for summer jet setters. Featuring the same eco credentials as the Eco Everyday Yoga Mat, this is an earth-conscious yoga solution to accompany you on your travels.

Looking for something more traditional? Roll out the Organic Cotton Yoga Mat28.00)
Made from 100% certified organic cotton, the Organic Cotton Yoga Mat is ideal for your home yoga practice the traditional way. Thoughtfully produced and handwoven in India, this mat is naturally absorbent, can be easily washed and it even doubles up as a fashionable rug.

Needing a little extra support? The Everyday Wellness Mat (£35.00) available in two-tone Ocean Green / Cool Grey is right for you.
For pilates, yoga and wellbeing enthusiasts looking for a more cushioned and comfortable practice, Yogamatters Wellness Mat is the right choice. At 8 mm thick, this mat gives excellent support during morning sun salutations and evening downward dogs. Ultra-lightweight, it can also be used for a range of fitness activities.

Trying some hot yoga? Don’t forget a Grippy Yoga Mat Towel26.00)
The Grippy Yoga Mat Towel from Yogamatters is a super absorbent, soft and lightweight yoga mat towel that can be used over a yoga mat during hot yoga. Made from sweat absorbent microfibre to wick away moisture, it’s a protective and hygienic option for yoga lovers.


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