Hydro Flask’s Just Launched #RefillforGood Campaign!

Hydro Flask launched its Refill For Good Campaign this week. It’s all about asking people to work together to help protect and preserve green spaces through simple, achievable actions. Things like choosing reusable alternatives to single-use bottles and containers. The good guys at Hydro Flask have been making reusable products since 2009. Now, this new campaign aims to equip fans with easy tips and positive insights to help them Refill For Good. We’ve been doing a bit of research here at Spring HQ and found out that bottled water is 2000 times more expensive than drinking water from the tap. Makes sense when you think about it, but 2000 times!

So what else are they doing? Well, they’re enlisting the help of Refill For Good Advocates one of whom is Laura Sanderson. A friend of Spring’s she’s a Welsh Wild Water swimmer who will be analysing water samples for micro-plastics. She’s going to do this while she swims nearly 1000 km in 15 of the UK’s national parks.

Interested to find out more? Head to Hydro flask’s dedicated Refill For Good landing page for news and features from Refill For Good Advocates and join the conversation on Instagram with @Hydroflask and follow + tag shares with #RefillForGood.


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