Iconic brand Burton, with Polartec, has created the One World collection using recycled materials
by <a href="https://springpr.com/author/stephanie/" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

13 January, 2021

The Polartec and Burton relationship

Polartec® and Burton have worked together for decades. So it’s with great delight that Polartec can announce Burton’s first-ever full collection using Polartec fabrics. Even better, the fabrics that Burton has used are recycled ones (just as an FYI to date Polartec has recycled more than 1.8 billion plastic bottles, saving them from landfills). The collection, which is called One World, has been created to celebrate the launch of its film with the same name. And what better partners: Polartec is well known for being the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textiles and Burton has a rich 40+ year history of making quality products for snowboarders.

The One World Film

The One World Film shows Burton’s products and their athletes in action; check out the trailer here. Because the trailer is so action-packed, it cannot help but whiz you back to fun on the slopes. It will certainly provide you with your annual snow-fix whilst watching it in the comfort of your own home. Indeed, as the snowboarding culture continues to evolve, Burton wanted to show that it remains committed to the sport. Consequently, the brand launched this team video called One World. It depicts riders both old and new doing what they do best. Indeed, these riders are celebrating their love of snowboarding, show their respect for our environment, and the desire to keep on discovering.

Polartec® Power Air™

Burton’s unique collection which is created with Polartec® recycled fabrics also includes the new and award-winning Polartec® Power Air™.  Power Air is seen as the next generation of fleece. The innovation uses a high-performance technology that has been constructed to prevent the shedding of microfibres without compromising on functionality. The unique fabric is light, stretchy, and highly durable. It has great thermal efficiency and is built to last. 

The capsule collection will consist of eight pieces listed below:

The full Burton One World Collection using Polartec recycled fabrics launched 1st January 2021.

Available at Burton.com, this is the first launch of the year for Polartec®, kicking off its year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Polartec®. Further announcements will be promoted throughout 2021. 

For the full press release and high res images, click here.


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