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Jo’s on a Journey – an Eco-Friendly One!
by <a href="" target="_self">Jo Lowe</a>

by Jo Lowe

25 January, 2022

Having just returned from Slide/OTS, where sustainability was the dominant theme throughout, I wanted to share my journey towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Now, I am by no means as knowledgeable as the likes of Debbie Read, Rab’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. Debbie passionately delivered a presentation at the show on the brand’s Carbon Neutral status. Rab has gained invaluable experience and knowledge whilst aiming for Net Zero by 2030.  I have taken inspiration from some of the brands Spring work with to take small steps in the right direction. 

Nikwax and Páramo, for instance, launched their Sustainability Roadmaps with clear fields of action over the next three years.  Who thought they could get any greener?  Then there’s AKU’s 100% vegan Superalp V-Light GTX boots that were on show and met with great enthusiasm.  AKU certainly continues to wow us with its first-to-market innovations, focusing on less waste and less impact on people and the planet.  The bottom line; companies, specifically in the outdoor sector, know that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability. These brands in particular are leading the way.  We’re proud to be part of their marketing teams that’s for sure.

Jo’s sustainable journey

As individuals, we can always do more. My journey started after opening my cupboards. I was horrified by the sheer quantity of plastic bottles and chemicals staring back at me.  That, along with a constantly overflowing recycling bin pushed me to be more conscious of my consumption. My sustainable journey makes my teenage daughter proud, although she still scoffs when I boast about my latest green purchase!

What swaps have you made?

I promptly swapped washing detergents for an Eco Egg. This year alone sales of the Laundry Eggs have eliminated 1,103,200 plastic bottles.  For my Páramo waterproof jacket and AKU walking boots, I use Nikwax products to keep them clean and by reproofing them, they last longer – all without nasty PFCs.  I ditched the dishwasher tablets, rinse aid and salt for an eco-effective alternative from SMOL. I ditched plastic hand wash bottles for a bar of soap and bamboo soap dishes.  So now I’m searching for an alternative to milk in plastic bottles however I need to do a bit more digging. Is glass is actually the best option? Now there’s a debate! 

Because it rings true that eco-friendly alternatives can have high price tags, by doing a bit of research you can find green options without breaking the bank.  Plus, the more we purchase eco-friendly products the less expensive they will hopefully become.  

What has inspired you to keep going?

Recently I purchased a print depicting ‘world on fire’ by contemporary street artist Farrah Fortnum. Farrah’s paintings are inspired by the natural world, from coral reefs to lush green rainforests.  Monies raised from the sale of these prints went to the Rainforest Alliance and it’s proudly hung on my wall as a reminder that our planet is fragile and we all need to care about it.

Maïté Angleys, Nikwax’s Director of Sustainability, highlighted at the show: “One clear message from COP26 was the urgency with which we all need to act.  As businesses and individuals, we can always do more.”

I’ve started my personal journey.  They may be teeny tiny steps but if we all make changes together we can have an impact – a positive one that will benefit future generations.  Why not take a look around and see what small changes you could make, even if it’s just one, and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you’re doing good. 


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