Kendal Mountain Festival: an update
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

02 October, 2020

After our upbeat piece on Kendal Mountain Festival outlining their myriad of ideas to cope with all scenarios, things have changed again.  Good job the team were prepared eh?  We caught up with Clive Allen on what will ultimately be their first ever digital festival.

We see that current restrictions have meant you’ve had to change your plans Clive.  What a bummer.

“Yes, recent events have made it clear that we have to re-calibrate.  We still believe Kendal Mountain Festival will excite and inspire as it has for 40 years but bringing people together on the ground this year in particular is looking increasingly problematic.”

Yes, we get that.  We’ve cancelled all our face to face events too.  The curve balls just keep on coming and you reach a point where you have to think about your own sanity!

“You’re right and because of the constantly-shifting guidelines we’ve taken the decision to move Kendal Mountain Festival online-only.  It’s a big move and it’s sensible but the magic of Kendal will still shine through”.

Clive Allen giving it all he’s got in Loughrigg

As with all change, you can always find something good to come out of the challenging.  Are you finding positives in this decision? 

“It’s a great opportunity to widen the Festival audience and increase its visibility.  We’re pouring all our effort and energy into creating an amazing online experience.  All the excitement and inspiration of our special events will be available, live-streamed.  We’ve received a record number of entries to our Film Competition so there’ll be tonnes of films from across the world.  We’ll be bringing amazing athletes, adventurers and filmmakers to your front room.  And everything will be available on catch-up after the main Festival”.

We love a bit of catch up.  We’ve often come to the Festival with a brand or two.  From their point of view how will things work?

“It will allow us to open up new opportunities.  Audience levels will be higher than at our usual physical event and they’ll be international.  We’re working on a virtual version of Basecamp where brands can present products, stories and athletes.  And there’ll be opportunities to sponsor areas of the Festival programme and platforms like you would if you were actually there.  Plus, there’ll be new options for product offers, competitions and promotions.

Dare we ask, is there anything new and exciting (if being able to join KMF in the comfort of our own homes isn’t enough that is!).

“We’ll be launching a permanent digital platform that will present carefully-curated, exciting and inspirational content from around the world, all with the Kendal vibe and it’ll be available year-round.”

You guys!  Well good luck Clive, you know we’re big fans.  We’ll be there in the front seats with a blanket on our legs.


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