Nikwax Cycle Kit: keep going whatever the weather

It’s Bike Week.  Have you been bitten by the bike bug yet?  Stephanie most defintely has – well, how can you not cycle on those car-free, quiet roads? They’re just made for our two-wheeled steeds!  If you’re new to cycling, a born-again cyclist or a hard-core rider then you’ll love the new Cycling Kit from Nikwax.  It contains everything you need to effectively clean and reproof your cycling clothing including those waterproof jackets, bibs, pants, jerseys and cycling gloves (and with the weather being a little on the damp side lately, we think this Nikwax Kit has come in the nick of time). The Kit includes Tech Wash 300ml, TX Direct Wash In 300ml, BaseFresh and Glove Proof all packaged up in a free 10L Dry Bag and available via Amazon for only £19.99.  For those searching for a Father’s Day gift (21st June if you’re wondering) then this could be worth a look?

Nikwax Cycle Kit, SRP: £19.99, available from Amazon

If you want to get involved in Bike Week 2020 there are plenty of digital events going on right through to Sunday. Visit to find out more.  In the meantime, here’s a little more detail on that Nikwax Cycle Kit bundle. Happy cycling!

  • TECH WASH – The No.1 easy-to-use, safe, high performance cleaner for wet weather clothing and equipment.
  • TX. DIRECT WASH IN – The No.1 easy to use, safe, high-performance wash-in waterproofing for wet weather clothing.
  • BASEFRESH – Deodorising fabric conditioner for all technical, synthetic and woollen baselayers and sportswear. Designed to prevent the build-up of odour whilst accelerating drying times, you can stay fresh and dry while you’re out on your bike.
  • GLOVE PROOF – An easy-to-use sponge-on waterproofing treatment that prolongs the life and performance of your gloves.
  • FREE DRY BAG – Perfect for keeping your valuables safe whilst you’re out and about or perhaps to stow your kit away in after you’ve exercised. The dry bag has a classic waterproof roll-top closure, secure buckle and a handy, adjustable shoulder strap.

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