Peak Design hires Spring to boost UK brand awareness
by <a href="" target="_self">Naomi Prictor</a>

by Naomi Prictor

17 December, 2021

From a new Spring PR recruit last month to a new business win this month. We’re ending this year on a high at Spring HQ! We’re very excited to announce that Spring PR will be working with Peak Design. A US-based manufacturer and innovator of unique and practical photography gear.

Peak Design’s new Mobile line

Peak Design creates camera kit and accessories for active photographers who are always on the go. The brand’s products are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, making it a great fit for Spring PR. We’ll be working on building brand awareness for the brand in the UK, particularly within the outdoor market. So, expect to hear from us with exciting news and new launches over the next few months!

More about Peak Design

Founder, Peter Dering, started Peak Design back in 2010 following a four-month trip around the world. During his trip, Peter found that carrying a big camera bag around with him wasn’t easy. On his return, he quit his job and got stuck straight into designing a small device that would make carrying and using a camera less of a hassle.

Ten months later, Peter’s new invention (Capture v1) was put on Kickstarter where it was an enormous success. Over 5,000 adventurous photographers like himself took a chance on it and raised a combined $364,698 to fund the product.

Crowdfunding is part of their DNA and the brand is still a 100% crowdfunded brand. The team launches all of its products on Kickstarter. The guys at Peak Design believe that this encourages them to take risks, prioritise innovation, speak honestly and, as a result, make better products.

Despite the brand’s success, Peak Design prioritise people and the planet over profit and believe that a responsible company is a sustainable company. It’s entirely carbon neutral and is a founding member of Climate Neutral. The brand gives 1% of its revenue to environmental non-profits through its 1% for the Planet membership and meets the highest standards for verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability as a Certified B Corporation.

We’re already looking forward to getting back to the office in the New Year and hitting the ground running with the new Mobile Line. Keep your eyes peeled!


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