Plastic-free July: what’s everyone doing about it?

As it’s #PlasticFreeJuly this month we’ve been catching up with our clients to find out what they’ve done to lead a more plastic-free life. Aquapac has swapped to using either biodegradable or recyclable plastics and NEMO has its 100k Polybag Elimination Project. More from our clients below and if you want to see what we’re doing click here.

NEMO Equipment launches 100K Polybag elimination project …

This year NEMO Equipment has launched its 100k Polybag Elimination Project. The plastic packaging historically used for tent poles is now reusable and made from recycled materials. Made from Repreve® fabric, the bags use recycled bottles to make undyed and uncoated material. They also use recycled thread for stitching, and require less energy and water to produce. With no webbing, cord, or plastic hardware this straightforward solution is a great alternative for bags made using petroleum and HDPE plastic, which take 500+ years to decompose.

NEMO’s 100k Polybag Elimination Project focuses on using reusable and recycled materials for its tent pole packaging.

LifeStraw doing well by doing good …

LifeStraw is a B-Corp and Climate Neutral-certified brand. In 2020 it calculated that 558 million plastic water bottles were offset by the purchase of LifeStraw bottle and pitcher products. What’s more, these products remove 99.999% of microplastics from water sources through their filters and purifiers. What an achievement!   

The purchase of LifeStraw products offset the purchase of 558 million plastic water bottles in 2020.

Aquapac’s switching to recycled & biodegradable …

“We’ve reduced our packaging by 30% as part of our recent rebrand. Our waterproof cases are now made from either recycled or biodegradable plastic. We are constantly looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly and as an outdoor and water sports brand, are keen to inspire our community to care about the planet,” says James Tuck, Marketing Director at Aquapac.

Aquapac waterproof, plastic case now uses recycled and or biodegradable plastic.


Polartec has been all about making its fabrics from recycled material for years. In fact, it brought out its first recycled fleece over 25 years ago. To date, the brand has saved more than 1.8 billion plastic bottles from landfills (we think that figure is probably nearer 2 billion now). They also recently launched Polartec Power Air fabric, designed to reduce microfibre shedding when washing.

Cape Horn recycled collection using Polartec fabrics 1994-1996


Trekitt, your friendly, approachable outdoor retailer has a great ethical offering and is doing what they can as a part-mail-order business to minimise their plastic use. Mark Trepte, Commercial Director, Trekitt said “We are using paper and card packaging sourced from the UK for all our online customers.  Everything is FSC certified, re-usable, recyclable, and printed with water-based inks. We’re using cardboard boxes and paper tape.  We are also talking to our key suppliers about how we can minimise plastic use from products bagged in plastic, coming from the factories.”

Mark Trepte, one half of the brother duo who help run the successful Trekitt business

And finally …

The team at Elliot Brown Watches has swapped disposable straws for silicone and use shampoo and soap bars to cut down on bottles. Matt Jordan from Wildside Trading now only buys beer in cardboard – no plastic o-rings!

Right to left: Ian Elliot and Alex Brown, founders of Elliot Brown Watches.


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