Shiny happy reflective children!
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

27 October, 2020

Reima is a Finnish children’s clothing brand. It has a long history of making kids’ reflective outdoor wear. The company gained recognition back in the 70s for its use of reflective elements on kids’ overalls.

Now, for autumn and winter 2020 the technology has advanced further. The amount of reflective details on Reima’s outerwear is amazing. The brand offers real CE-marked reflective accessories too including the Vilkku mittens and Refle gloves.

How are your winter night driving skills?

In the dark, the distance from which a driver can see a child without a reflector is not far. In fact, it’s only a seventh of the distance of a child with a reflector. When a car is going at city speed, the distance at which it needs to stop is long. In wet or icy conditions it can actually be twice as long as that when compared to a dry road. Together, these calculations equal danger if we let children out at night without reflective clothing or tags.

How does it work?

Reflective prints and details contain tiny glass beads that reflect light back to its source. This makes it easier for drivers to spot children on rainy days and dark evenings. These prints can be all-over, such as on the Bergen one-piece. There are single decorations too such as reflective logos and stripes as seen on many Reima jackets and pants.

Where is it positioned?

Reflective pipings, labels, and zipper pulls are the typical ways of adding reflectivity to Reima’s shoes. This is because they require more durability. However, despite all these reflective prints and details, it’s always wise to use an additional CE-certified reflector to keep kids safe when out and about. Many Reima jackets have a ‘life-saver loop’ under the front pocket flap which allows you to easily attach a hanging reflector without damaging the jacket’s waterproof shell fabric.

And now to the reflective accessories

When kids are active, hanging reflectors can sometimes get in the way, drop off, or get lost. This is why Reima’s reflective accessories are a must-have. This personal protective equipment offers 320° visibility and when worn as instructed, improve traffic safety whilst also keeping kids’ hands and head warm and dry.

For a downloadable press release and images click here.


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