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Spring Times September 2018
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

30 September, 2018

This Sunday it’s National #GetOutside Day. Organised by Ordnance Survey – it’s hoped more than a million people will be active outside – including the Spring team! It’s an initiative that’s supported by the European coalition – It’s Great Out There. Spring has been working with IGOT for a couple of years now, alongside our client – Finnish children’s activity tracker brand, ReimaGO.We’re delighted to announce that thanks to a grant from IGOT, this summer ReimaGO was able to supply 80 activity sensors to inner city London School – Rosendale Primary.  We interviewed IGOT’s Secretary General, Andrew Denton to find out more…

It’s Great Out There exists to get people who don’t have the opportunity, inclination or ability to get outside – how can outdoor brands help to put these grants to good use?“Helping people to move more is an absolute priority for everyone in the digital age. By aligning your brand with outdoor activity for everyone, not just the elite, you are opening up a whole world of new customers. It’s not just your CSR initiatives that benefit, there is a whole new customer base out there who want to be active outdoors, let’s enthuse them!

What’s missing? Who would you love to help but haven’t been able to yet?
“We have far more applications than grants right now, from across Europe. We are still applying for EU funding. Right now, we can only help the people that we get donations for, so the more brands that are prepared to donate the more work we can do.”

What makes a great grant application?
“It needs – at its core – to enthuse young people who wouldn’t ordinarily get outside, then it needs to have partners or extended support – so IGOT aren’t the only source of funding. Then it needs a way to carry on without us longer term.”

You’re a European organisation – should UK brands worry about Brexit?
“I think everyone should worry about BREXIT! The EOG and IGOT will certainly continue to work with the UK regardless of the BREXIT outcome, but there will certainly be issues with EU funding if we are successful in that. I know many people in the industry are concerned at multiple levels – let’s see what March 29th brings and take it from there.”

Do any brands shine out to you as great examples of helping to motivate people to get outside?
“All our founder members are really committed to ‘Getting Europe Active Outdoors’ – I wouldn’t want to pick any one out above another, go to the IGOT website [] and follow the links back to brands and project partners!”

What can we all do to help the situation? (Any little top tips?)
“It’s about bringing activity into everyday life. Walk the kids to school, or cycle, or walk the last kilometre. Go out together as a family, be active, make outdoor play an important part of your time together. Make it fun, exploratory, muddy, wet, full of energy – make your family life an adventure, teach kids resilience, adventure and most of all to never stop moving!”

Stay tuned for October’s Spring Times when we’ll be revealing a short video – scripted and produced by Spring PR – announcing the results of the ReimaGO Rosendale School project.

Apprentice Update

Spring’s newest recruit, Jas, talks us through her first six months as an apprentice.

Until recently, I wasn’t very familiar with apprenticeships and the career opportunities that they could bring you. The only option that was actively offered to me after sixth form was university, and I believed that this was the only path I could take that would get me a great job. After spending a year studying geography, I really missed working, and wished I could find a way to work and learn at the same time.

After realising my passion for digital marketing, I came across Spring PR; a fun, modern looking company with which I was excited to have an interview. I was excited to learn I’d secured the job but apprehensive as I’d never worked in this field before. I was concerned that it would take me a long time to learn everything that I needed to know.

Despite the fact that my first day at Spring was tough (I was full of a cold and the roads were thick with snow!) I loved it from the start and every new task I received was even more exciting than the last. We have some great clients who are really fun to work with. My highlight so far has been attending our annual Open House event in Covent Garden, London. I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic journalists, including some representatives from the BBC. 

Fast forward to now, six months on, and I’m still thoroughly enjoying my role here at Spring PR.  It feels like I only started yesterday! I spend a few days a month at college studying digital marketing and the rest of the time in the office. I love working on fun yet challenging projects, it’s really rewarding to put a lot of effort into a task and be able to see results.

Having the ability to earn whilst studying is great, and now I’m able to save for the future whilst still being in education! I’m looking forward to my future projects with Spring, and I’m glad I’m able to learn in such a nice working environment. Here’s to the next six months!

 Behind The Scenes

Lindsey Chapman is a radio and TV presenter and naturalist who has recently become a brand ambassador for Elliot Brown watches. We caught up with her to see how things are developing. What outdoor issue are you passionate about at the moment? What do you think we as outdoor brands should have on our minds?

“I recently joined the #PeoplesWalkforWildlife in central London. We know British wildlife is in dramatic decline but simply caring about the issue is no longer enough – action has to be taken. The responsibility falls to all of us – we need to be making changes on a small and large scale NOW. From cutting a hedgehog hole in your garden fence – allowing the link up of habitats – to thinking strategically about natural places and marine protection. Outdoor brands should consider these issues as a priority – they need a thriving natural world to survive.”

How does your Elliot Brown watch fit into your outdoors lifestyle?
“I love my watch and wear it all the time…I forget it’s there most of the time to be honest which is exactly what I want. It stays in position perfectly (even under stress) and it’s particularly useful on night shoots.”

How do you keep in contact with Elliot Brown about what you’re achieving for the brand?
“Elliot Brown are really relaxed which is great. Ian gave me a call at the start of my ambassadorship to explain the ethos of the company, which was really helpful, and we keep in contact with updates from both sides. They’ve always got something interesting going on.”

How can an outdoor brand best work with someone like you?
“I like a brand to be clear with me from the start about what they’re hoping for from an ambassador – what the time commitment will be and their expectations. I also like the personal touch, brands that have taken the time to understand my work and ethos and want to develop that relationship in the future. The brands I work with know me as an individual which generates a much more fruitful partnership.”

How might we see or hear you over the forthcoming autumn schedules?
“I’ve been presenting a new series for Channel 5 called ‘Nocturnal Britain’ which goes out later in the year. Joining Steve Backshall, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Philippa Forrester, we reveal the secret night-time lives of Britain’s animals.

“I’ve also recently presented a programme for BBC Radio 4 called ‘In Pursuit of Beauty: Slow Art’ which explores art that takes a long time to create or to enjoy and the effect it has on our awareness of our own finite existence. It includes the wonderful natural sculpture ‘Ash Dome’ by David Nash. Available now on BBC iPlayer.”

How will you be enjoying the autumn outdoors this year?
“I want to enjoy the autumn season on my patch. A few weeks ago I completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks for a charity that looked after my Auntie when she died – it was an amazing day. I’m hoping to get over to the East Yorkshire coast if I can – it’s home to me and one of my favourite places in the world. And I’ll go on as many walks as I can to catch the spectacular colours that autumn in the UK brings.”


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