Top tips on being an epic outdoors host
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

11 December, 2020

Christmas entertaining is going to be different this year.  Do you know what?  It’s not all bad.  Partying outside, in the crisp, wintry Christmassy evenings around an open fire is invigorating!  It can’t help but get you into the festive spirit.  And trying new things expands our minds, right? 

Of course, if we’re going to do it we want to do it well. That’s why we’ve pooled our knowledge to give you our top tips for this crazy festive season.  This is what we’ll be doing this year to make our outdoor, party-of-six gatherings, epic this year.

Light fantastic

We can’t get enough fairy lights at this time of year but what if you could buy lights with a conscience.  Well, you can!  Luci Lights have sustainability at their core.  They are the innovation of B Corp organisation MPOWERD.  These rechargeable lights last on one charge an awfully long time (and once you buy one you want to buy one in every style).  We have bought the inflatable solar lanterns and a rechargeable string of lights.  Charge, hang, and rejoice in the warm glow.  Jason Myers at distributors, First Ascent says “… first world sales of Luci lights directly support needful communities in some of the poorest and disaster-hit parts of the world. Mpowerd’s mission is to provide clean, sustainable lighting to those who must live off the grid. Simply put the more lights that are sold, the more lives that are positively impacted”.  Buy here.


Sales of fire pits have boomed this year as we sought outdoor warmth and ambiance.  They needn’t cost an arm and a leg either.  These robust fire pits by Life Under Canvas are £35 and because it has screw-off legs, will stand proud of your grass.  Use it for camping next summer – the legs screw off for easy transportation.  Buy here

Hot Drinks Hot 

Now there’s a conundrum.  What would you prefer, mulled wine that goes cold really quickly but warms your hands a bit while you’re holding it, OR wear gloves and have hot wine stay hot for longer?  We’ve decided we prefer the latter which is why we’ll be using Hydro Flask’s Mug filled with a hearty hot chocolate or a steaming mulled wine (depending on the time of day) to make the festive period that little bit merrier! Buy here.

Protect your sofas – it’s bound to rain 

Whilst your garden furniture may be made to sit outside, it struggles with constant saturation, and let’s face it, living here, that’s a regular thing.  So we’ve been giving our outdoor seat cushions a good old spray with Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof.  So you can continue to drink your Egg Nog, safe in the knowledge that your sofa won’t get saturated, rather the water will bead off.  Spray it on, leave it to dry and you’re protected.  Genius!  As Zoe from Nikwax says: “Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarproof isn’t just for the summer, it comes into its own at times like these.  Its waterproofing qualities are perfect for keeping your seat cushions protected if you’re out celebrating this Christmas.” Buy here

Those are our hot tips but to be honest we could go on forever: Darn Tough socks, Polartec Power Grid base layers but we’re going to stop there.  Happy celebrating! 


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