What facemask vibe speaks to you?
by <a href="https://springpr.com/author/stephanie/" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

06 August, 2020

We’ve got to wear one so let’s make it work for us!  The choice of face coverings out there is phenomenal and we’re loving it.  These three are our favourites so far. Which one rocks your boat? Let us know on Facebook.

The Comfortable All-Rounder

Buff.  We love Buff!  A staple for any outdoors enthusiast and a must-have for skiers.  Who knew they could be an essential bit of kit for an idle mooch around the shops?!  A tube of t-shirt material or Polartec that you can wear around your neck and then pull up over your nose and mouth when needed, these guys are super flexible (you need to see the demo by Henry at Buff guys if you haven’t seen it – it’s awesome!  Who knew you could do so much with them! Buy from Ellis Brigham.

Henry demonstrates the many ways you can wear a Buff

The Designer Piece with a Conscience

There are little cottage industries popping up everywhere, busily satiating our demand for a beautiful face covering that is bespoke designed to our very specific requirements. We stumbled upon The Green Frog Club and bought this little beauty. Well, when we said “stumbled” the face-covering creator is married to the owner of JS Productions (our neighbour and coffee buddy). Aside from it being super comfy and incredibly well-made, 50% of its £10 price tag is donated to the Cotswold Counselling Charity. Buy from The Green Frog Club

Designer mask from The Green Frog Club – 50% of price goes to charity.

The Techie Power House

This is a three-layer mask offers with an inner and outer made of a breathable functional fabric. Sandwiched in between is a fleece insert with a filter function. But this is the cool bit, our friends at Polygiene have come up with their ViralOff finish. This finish is added to the masks giving them an antibacterial quality and destroying 99% of all viruses within two hours. We couldn’t find a way of buying these masks in the UK but you can benefit from ViralOff from this website.

Maloja facemask with Polygiene’s ViralOff technology

Now, which one speaks to you?


  1. Avatar

    Loving the blog Steph, keep up the good work

    • Stephanie Briggs

      Thanks! So which one spoke to you?!


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