PR trends to keep an eye on in 2022
by <a href="" target="_self">Jo Lowe</a>

by Jo Lowe

30 November, 2021

2021 has certainly been a year of change. As we hop into 2022 we’d like to share some trends that are forecast in this continuously evolving and exciting sector we work in.  Keeping up to date with new technologies and trends helps to keep our campaigns fresh (and keep us on our toes too, of course!) 

  • Statistics, data, analytics, numbers:
    • PR will increasingly be driven by data, specifically on important KPIs.  Collaborating with a specialist agency that has invested in software, your agency can give you clear metrics so that you can evaluate outreach against sales. 
  • Influencers:
    • Influencer marketing has been in our space for a long time (2009 to be precise with the influx of bloggers and YouTubers) and we’ve been working with influencers for sometime too (see here). Collating a network of influencers that will benefit your brand is a learned skill. It’s based on experience and knowlege of the sector. With over half the world’s population on social media platforms, this activity is firmly here to stay.  Remember, it’s not just about reaching those with lots of followers. Creating relationships with those with fewer followers but a higher level of engagement is also important. That’s what will deliver quality ROI. 
  • Inclusion:
    • Diversity in campaigns will continue to be a major focus. As clients, it’s important to communicate your values to your agency.  Integrating diversity and inclusion in business practices will become increasingly important as consumers dig deeper into the brands that they invest in. (Check out this article on 5 ways to develop a long term strategy for diversity).
  • Not just about press cuttings:
    • PR is so much more than achieving x amount of press cuttings each month.  It’s the nurturing of relationships with the media and influencers. Personalisation of stories and pitches, as well as listening carefully to a client’s needs are important factors when delivering a tailored campaign that targets the right audience.  Connecting brands, offering new opportunities, working with new media and collaboration are powerful tools in the PR kitbox. 


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