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Wouldn’t it be great if your product was so popular everyone wanted to recommend it?
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

13 November, 2020

That’s what’s happened to Nikwax, makers of high-performance waterproofing, cleaning, and conditioning products and materials for outdoor gear. They’re so respected, in fact, that they’ve launched a website devoted to it. A kind of tribute to their supporters that will evolve into a resource for people seeking inspiration and guidance from their favourite brands and ambassadors. is all about why people choose the brand. How fab is that! We spoke with Zoe Hewitt, head of marketing and communications at Nikwax, to find out more …

How long have you worked for Nikwax?

Zoe Hewitt, head of marketing and communications at Nikwax.

“I’ve been with the company for 16 months now but they are so welcoming I honestly feel like part of the furniture!  Is that a good thing …?”

Yes, we think that’s a great thing.  We’ve had jobs – one in particular at 21 – where we never felt we fitted in.  Naturally we don’t feel that way here!  What did you do before?

My background’s always been in marketing.  Marketing is my thing.  I’ve worked in charity fundraising and financial services as well as working for a number of years as an account director for a creative agency.”

Wow, so you know your stuff!  Before you started did you use Nikwax?

“Nikwax is big on sampling and I received a number of Nikwax sachets at the train station when commuting into London. I’d used them on my waterproof jacket but never actually bought the stuff.”

I guess if you were commuting often enough or even walking past the ‘giver-outer’ numerous times there wouldn’t have been any point!  What product do you use the most?

“Nikwax BaseWash. It’s a special laundry detergent with conditioner designed for baselayers but it’s also great on all synthetic sportswear.  There’s a lot of sports kit to wash in my house. One of my daughters plays rugby, the other is a dancer and I love to workout. BaseWash keeps synthetics clean and smelling fresh but it also helps sports fabrics perform as they should, wicking sweat away from the body and drying fast so that the wearer stays dry and comfortable. No soggy heavy clothing.  Before I worked at Nikwax I didn’t know that normal fabric conditioner makes fabric hold onto water, great for soft fluffy towels, not so good for hot sweaty sports gear”.

Too right!  We know you’ve been working on the Nikwax Chosen By campaign.  Obviously we know what it’s about (!) but in a nutshell how would you describe it?

“Nikwax is a well-loved brand in the outdoor industry.  The idea for the Chosen By campaign came about because of the broad range of outdoor brands and fantastic people and organisations we work with. So many brands recommend Nikwax Waterproofing to look after their gear and many outdoor professionals rely on Nikwax to help keep them warm and dry in challenging and dangerous conditions.  We wanted to use the voices of our advocates and partner brands to communicate all the good stuff about Nikwax. Our plan is to return the favour by promoting our partner brands and supporting our ambassadors and friends in the outdoor industry.”

You’re right, Nikwax is very loved. Its environmental ethos is one to be proud of that’s for sure. We like your approach, mutual appreciation, a win win!  How does it work?

“We have a microsite featuring quotes from a range of people and brands, check it out at We’ll be promoting it via PR, social media and other digital channels.  This is the first campaign featuring all of Nikwax‘s brands. We’re excited to be able to talk about the different areas of expertise we have and are delighted that so many people and brands have chosen to contribute their voices towards the campaign.

Ahhh, Spring’s Jo swears by Paramo’s Alta III jacket that kept her dry on our recent 22.8 mile walk.  How many brands and influencers have taken part to date?

“We’ve got 26 brands and people on board so far. Thanks to Spring PR’s hard work on helping us to gather and collate these testimonials.”  (Erm hem, thank you).

Are there more to come?

“Yes, we’re still collecting quotes and are now working on content in the form of stories, blogs and videos from a wide range of outdoor people and brands as well as customers and grass roots sports teams.”

A kind of resource space of inspiration huh?  We like it!  We’ll be checking it out over the next few months.  We’ll definitely need that inspiration over winter!  Thanks for your time Zoe, it was lovely chatting with you.


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