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Yogamatters: Introduce a Little Calm Back Into Your Life
by <a href="" target="_self">Stephanie Briggs</a>

by Stephanie Briggs

29 April, 2020

Initially launched late last year, the hugely popular Indian Ikat collection from Yogamatters, with its unique Ikat weaving, is back in stock after selling out completely in just a matter of weeks. What’s more, a new spring Ikat collection will be launched this May.

Ikat weaving has a rich heritage, dating back thousands of years as a traditional textile used in South East Asia and South America. Ikat refers to the intricate dyeing process whereby bundles of yarn are wrapped tightly together and dyed repeatedly to create the desired pattern. Once dyed and dried, the yarns are painstakingly lined up by the weaver on the loom to form the unique pattern. Yogamatters used this meticulously detailed design process to create the Yogamatters Ikat collection, which features five popular products: Eye Pillow, Buckwheat Bolster, Round Meditation Cushion, Zabuton and Carry All Kit Bag. Yogamatters has been working with a trusted partner in India for more than ten years to produce socially conscious products with care.

Yogamatters has been working with a trusted partner in India for more than ten years to produce socially conscious products with care.

Yogamatters Ikat Eye Pillow – £10

This stunning new Ikat Eye Pillow is the inspired choice to support restoration and relaxation during your yoga and meditation practice. Filled with linseed and lavender scent, this is an ideal prop for both home and studio practice. Either place on top of the eyelids or rest in your palms during Corpse Pose to help release stress and enable deeper relaxation. Its cotton outer cover can be easily removed and washed.

From top to bottom: Bolster, £40; Meditation Cushion, £35; Eye Pillow, £10

Yogamatters Ikat Buckwheat Bolster – £40

A staple prop for yoga –this cylindrical shaped bolster is perfect for placing under your knees during Savasana, helping to release the lower back. The buckwheat hull filling won’t break down over time and can withstand much more pressure. Machine washable removeable cover with strong zip and useful carrying handle add to the features.

Yogamatters Ikat Round Meditation Cushion – £35

The Ikat Round Meditation Cushion is the inspired choice to lift you up and allow for reflection during your meditation practice. With a natural buckwheat hull filling, this cushion moulds to the contours of your body, encouraging complete release and relaxation into your yoga asana. The height and firmness can be easily adjusted by adding or removing the buckwheat filling. Similar to the Ikat Buckwheat Bolster, additional features include a machine washable removeable zip cover and useful carrying handle.

Yogamatters Ikat Zabuton – £65

Let the Ikat Zabuton Meditation Cushion from the Yogamatters Ikat Collection provide you with a comfortable, supportive and warm base for your meditation practice.Offering support and comfort for your knees and ankles. This can also be used as a base for a second meditation cushion, such as the Yogamatters Ikat Round Meditation Cushion.

Yogamatters Ikat Carry All Kit Bag – £25

A must have for yogis with plenty of props, this bag has lots of space to store your mat, props and yoga wear. With a hard lining at the bottom, a double zip for easy access and two carry handles, it’s comfortable to carry and ensures your kit is stored neatly with a handy pocket to safely stow away valuables.

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The Ikat Collection is available online now at


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